Industrial Plots in Kharar

Industrial Plots in Kharar

Industrial Plots in Kharar

Grow Your Business In The Industrial plots Of Kharar

The industrial plots in Kharar are a leading industrial area providing plots of various sizes ranging from 5000 sq. ft to 500000 sq. ft. The area is facilitated with all the amenities that a non-polluting industrial zone should contain, under one roof. Further, Kharar industrial properties provide you the option of both rent and purchase. It is efficient enough to provide your business the one stop solution to all your business requirements. Being the most modern industrial facility in India, GST is applied to the plots now and serves to be the main distribution centre to the other parts of the state.

How Are The Industrial Plots Built?

  • The area provides organized logistic park located on the highway that connects major parts of the city.
  • The buildings are built based on the concept of multilevel warehouse lie G + 3, G + 4 and so on. When loading and unloading platform, you need not worry about natural calamities as there is in-built RCC structure with canopy that protects rain.
  • The top floor is supported by proflex roofing. The central height is 30 ft. and clear height is 16 ft. It is heat resistant and leak proof. The top floor is without columns.
  • The parking area is ample, allowing the entry of trucks, containers, motor cycles and many other transports.
  • The area is facilitated with ATM service and medical faculty.
  • The workers of your factory need not run to their homes for rest as the building provides canteen and quarters for laborers and restroom for drivers.
  • All around the building, there is a metallic road of 13-15 meter for easy and quick movement of traffic.
  • Lift system is provided to carry tons and tons of materials on top. Single storied buildings to suite your needs are also available.

Toilets and water facility is dispersed all around the campus.

industrial plots in kharar

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